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Simple Homemade Sunscreen Recipe


  • .4-1.6 oz uncoated, non-nano zinc. Weight will vary based on the level of protection you want (Find it here)

  • Essential oils (optional – but make sure they are not ones that increase photosensitivity!)

  • Iron oxides or cocoa powder for tint (optional) – find pre-blended iron oxide here, find cocoa powder here

Special Equipment:

  • mask (Nanoparticles should not be breathed because of lung damage but I couldn’t find a definitive answer on zinc. I just covered my face with my t-shirt. Okay, I didn’t really, but maybe you should :))


  1. If you’re using my homemade recipe (which is 9 0z. weighed), add the zinc oxide right after you make the lotion. See below for details on how much to add.

  2. If you’re using a pre-made lotion, warm it in a water bath and then add/blend in the zinc oxide in a food processor.

  3. Add essential oils and tint as desired.

  4. How you store depends on the composition of the lotion you used. If it’s premade it probably contains preservatives, so room temp is fine. If it’s coconut oil it will last at room temp for quite awhile, but longer if stored in the fridge. Olive oil tends to go bad quicker than coconut oil, so I’d probably store that in the fridge from day 1. I’m not sure about avocado oil, but I’m thinking fridge. I’ll bet it hardens when it gets cold like coconut oil, though, so you’d want to let it warm up before use).

Deciding How Much Zinc Oxide To Add

Anywhere from 5-20% of the total solution is generally considered to be effective, with 20% having  a higher level of protection. You may find the information below helpful in determining your measurements. I have not tested these ratios in a lab for SPF value.

If you’re looking for moderate protection, measure the lotion you are going to use and then add 10% of it’s weight in zinc oxide.

For example, 8oz. (weighed) of lotion + .8oz of zinc oxide (weighed) = 10% zinc ratio

Or 8 oz (weighed) of lotion + 1.2 oz zinc oxide (weighed) = 15 % zinc ratio

Note: Huge differences in SPF numbers are actually pretty insignificant when it comes to differences in protection. SPF 100 blocks 99 percent of UVB rays, while SPF 50 blocks 98 percent. SPF 30 blocks 96.7 percent, SPF 15 blocks 93%.

Lip balm

Dec. 20th, 2013 10:55 pm
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1/4 c beeswax
1/2 c calendula in grapeseed oil
1/4c avocado butter
2 heaping Tbl spoon emulsifying wax
1tbls honey
1tsp sweetener

I split it into pieces to do different flavors - citrus bliss, root beer, mint and honey.
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What we ended up doing was:

3 oz of beeswax
16 oz shea butter
10 oz liquid oil grape seed, jojoba, or sweet almond oily
6ml of fragrance oil.

This recipe involves melting the solid butters and adding the oil later. Then the freezing and whipping. I think the fragrance oil was a little much. I mean it's fine and beautiful, but I think I'd like a little less.

So the recipe I'm going to try is

6oz cocoa butter
16oz avocado butter
8oz calendula herbal oil in a grapeseed oil base.
3ml of fragrance oil
2Tbl spoon Dry Flo

I think I'll split the batch and try one neroli and one vanilla and see how it goes. Or maybe I'll make a Rose vanilla one.
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So I've been looking at this recipe for awhile: http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/lotion/mango-avocado-balmy-salve/

6 oz. Cocoa Butter
7 oz. Avocado Butter
7 oz. Mango Butter
3 oz. Jojoba Oil
2 oz. Tamanu Oil
2 Tablespoons Tapioca Powder
3 grams of Essential oil: Carrot Seed, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Geranium , Hungarian Lavender

Other great skin-loving essential oils that would be incredible in this recipe too: Helischyrum, Frankincense, Jasmine, Rose, Neroli

I don't use jojoba oil because I don't like it. I tend to use either sweet almond oil or herbal oil of calendula in grapeseed oil. In part because calendula is amazing and partly because grapeseed oil is edible and anything going on my skin is going *in* my skin and should get at least similar considerations.

But I want something that is more of a body butter. A variation on the last one I made, since it goes so fast. Avocado butter has a really thick surprisingly creamy consistently.

That is also about 4 cups of body butter or 8 4 oz containers, so I need to decide how much I want to make at a time. Cocoa butter is really hard like beeswax, mango butter is grainy until melted and is quite greasy and avocado butter is quite creamy. The tapioca powder I have is called Dry Flo from brambleberry.com and I haven't tried it yet. So this should be interesting. I'll let you know what i come up with!

I'm also in process with a root beer lip balm - my son loves the one he has and so I'm going to try to replicate it in a non-petroleum form using the honey lip balm I made previously.
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I have one that I bought that is awesome. It appears to be apricot kernel oil, rice brain oil and tea tree oil. Except that it's the consistency of lip balm.

It says it has chick weed (stellaria media) infused apricot kernel oil, basil (ocimum basilica) infused rice bran oil and tea tree oil. But none of those are solid are room temp and this is. So either they left something out or I am missing something in the preparation.

I'm thinking that I might use beeswax and shea butter as the based and put the oils in that and put them in a big lip balm like tube.

So I'm working out a recipes and if anyone has used these, I'd love to hear more about them.

It seems like it's at least 1 to 4 hard ingredients to oils. So if I use the same proportions maybe that would work. Hrm.
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3 oz of cocoa butter (or any solid oil)
6 oz shea butter
3 oz liquid oil grape seed, jojoba, or sweet almond oily

If you use shea butter make sure to not burn it. The best way to do that is to add it after you melt everything else.

Then We decided to try to make something more neutral smelling so we used a beeswax instead of coca butter and then doubled the rest. We added Creme Brule fragrance and it was awesome.

We'll see how it is.

Edit: We put this in the freezer and whipped it after 5 minutes, but on the third round is was pretty hard and we felt despondent. So we left it over night ate ice cream.

This morning we melted it down, added more shea butter (about 1/3 cup) and about 1/2c of sweet almond oil. And whipped it after being in the freezer for 5 minutes twice. It was perfect. So we jarred it on up and are letting it sit.

It melts at a touch and smells like frosting. So. Yummy.
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one possibility:
two parts water
1 part oils (mango and shea butter)
10% (of the water) glycerine
15% (of the water) emulsifying wax
30 drops neroli (in 100grams of water)

good for a a month because it doesn't have a preservative.

This is about the consistency of a thick lotion.
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Some of the are easier than others.

Calendula is super easy. Cardamom is harder, but I'm gonna do it!


And I'm starting today!
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recipe one: 2 parts coconut per 1 part mango and 1 part shea.

Here's one that uses emusifing wax, which I haven't used and don't have, but I like the look of it: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-body-butter

How to make an easy lavender oil: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-lavender-oil (for tomorrow!!)

Goat's milk soap: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-goats-milk-soap
(I'm not a fan of bar soap myself, but I love make it and that recipe should have a nice lather to it.)

Honey face mask: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-use-honey-for-skin
Maybe I'll do this one this afternoon

I love salt scrubs and this is a really reasonable recipe: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-a-salt-scrub

So I think my new shopping list includes jojoba oil, glycerin, unrefined cocoa butter and the rose and cucumber oils for my favorite bath salts. And of course I need a lot more coconut oil.
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It's not vegan, it has beeswax in it. But here:

1/3 c Cocoa butter - mix of refined and unrefined because that's what I have. But unrefined is fine and it smells like chocolate
2/3 cup bees wax
1/3 c grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil
1/2t vitamin E oil
1/3c coconut oil

I remember now that it's the unrefined cocoa butter that smells so good. And of course those last oils could be nearly any liquid oils.

So basically the recipe could be:

1c solid stuff (cocoa butter, beeswax, etc)
1/3c liquid oils
1/3c coconut oil

I think I want to play with this so that it has more coconut oil and a little less liquid oil and see what happens.

Anyway, on to body butter!
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1/3 c Cocoa butter - mix of refined and unrefined because that's what I have. But unrefined is fine and it smells like chocolate
2/3 cup bees wax
1/3 c grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil
1/2t vitamin E oil
1/3c coconut oil

I'll have to try this again to get down the exact quantities. But the one I made is lovely. It has a very smooth and light feel and I love it. The shea butter is heavier than the coconut oil and that latter is a lot smoother and lighter. So yummy.

Also, the vitamin E oil that I have appears to be in a base of olive oil and so it has a smell. Many of the oils are pretty neutral and that's been interesting to learn how these all effect each other in a new way. To be honest I don't care about having vitamin E, it was something a friend wanted so I thought I'd give it a shot. But the experiment went well and that's exciting.
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So I found that the cocoa butter and coconut oil lip balm is actually super awesome. They are both great, but the this one is really light weight and tasty because I used mostly unrefined cocoa butter so it smells like chocolate.

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1 part beeswax
1/2 part shea butter
2 parts grapeseed oil (some of it is the calendula oil)
1 tsp sweet almond oil
1 Tblsp honey

Turned out that the recipe is great, but there was to much honey. It's not a problem because the honey stayed at the bottom out of solution. As it turns out it's the shea butter that was much better than adding more grape seed oil. Downside: shea butter is much more expensive than grape seed oil.

My guess that it doesn't matter what kind of oil is used (to a certain extent) because in this case they are for softening.

So today I'm going to make another batch.

I'm also going to try to trade out the bees wax for cocoa butter - it's also solid at room temp and smells like chocolate. I'm hoping for chocolate lip balm that has a lovely consistency like the first one. We'll see how it goes.

Also I made a salve that it rocking my world. It has the same basic base with the oil doubled, but it has no honey, and all of the oil is calendula in a grapeseed base. I added 40 drops of lavender essential oil and about a tea spoon of st. john's wort oil.

So the recipe is...
1 part beeswax (which for me was 1/2 cup)
2 parts calendula essential oil (grapeseed oil base)
40 drops lavender essential oil (which is very strong)
1/8 part St. John's Wort essential oil
1/2 part shea butter

The salve is super healing for skin. It has the properties of an antibiotic ointment (go lavender), but it's incredible for skin. I stabbed myself with the giant safety pin on my keys last week (accidentally) - it was intense and I bled all over the place - the damn thing went into my skin about 1/4in. I used the salve and the injury is totally gone in less than a week. I've also been using on my feet and they are not cracked any more (after about 4 days).
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I made this up based on research and an experiment. It's my new favorite. I've tried *a lot* of lip balm, but this one is actually better than any of them - at least for me. It's smooth and creamy without being oily or greasy in a bad way. Yum!

1 part beeswax
1/2 part shea butter
2 parts grapeseed oil (some of it is the calendula oil)
1 tsp sweet almond oil
1 1/2 heaping Tblsp honey

Basically it all gets melted in a double boiler and poured into tubes. Don't boil it or get it too hot or it will be bad for everyone.


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