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We made several thins in Potions class today. I'm going to list them in separate posts so that I can find them again.

The one I found that I loved the most was a women's reproductive health tonic syrup. Recipe first, explanation after.

Red rasperry leaf
Nettle Leaf
Lemon balm
Rose petals
Yellow dock

Totalling just about 3/4ounce by weight. Which means it's about 1.5 cups. All but the yellow dock came in a women's nourishing tea. I added yellow dock to help with anemia

in Molasses (or honey, maple syrup, agave, etc, but for anemia, molasses is the obvious choice).

Make a strong tea (in other words boil the ingredients in about 1.5 quarts of water until it's about 3 cups of liquid)

Strain and press the herbs and let drip until you've gotten as much liquid as you're willing to work out.

In class we added honey that was already warmed and viscous, but I'm adding molasses out of a jar, so I didn't heat it.

Add about 1/2 as much molasses as liquid. Sweeten to taste. I am adding a bit of honey for the anti microbal and antiviral properties (and to help it keep longer)

Why make a syrup?
Well in this case, I can make a big batch that's reduced, but ready so that I can drink it whenever I want - hot or cold, just add water or put in a tincture bottle with a dropper and carry with me. It keeps for at least a month, but probably more.

This one is high in iron and I'm going to treat my anemia with it because it's less than a quarter of the cost of what I've been using and should be just as effective because I like the taste so I'll take it more often..
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I talk about this treatment method all the time, but most people don't know what it is. You can learn more about the method here and nothing I could say about it is better than what others have written. On the NAET site they talk a little bit about it here.

I'll talk a little bit about what happens in a treatment and then what it feels like afterwards. The treatment itself uses Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing to find things that you're reactive to. Then the doc uses that clicky thing (an activator, though in this case it's one that does multiple shots at once) and has you breathe different ways as she works on your spine. Then you wait a bit and she puts a light in your eyebrows and the crown of your head and you rub your hands together/wash your hands. It's really quite simple.

What it's doing is described as clearing out the energy of the thing you're reactive to. Most of the issues/reactions I've had around treatments start after I've left the office but I've had some intense experiences right on the table. I had one or two where I was so overwhelmed or shaky that I took a nap in the office before I could drive.

But today's treatment is pretty typical and so I thought I'd write a bit about it. Today she's treating me for iron (in NAET the vile was called "meat mix" and includes beef, pork, gelatin, and iron supplements and maybe something else that I've forgotten).

So I cannot eat or touch anything with iron in it. That includes quite a long list. I can eat light green veggies, cauliflower, chicken, potatoes, rice without iron fortification, sour dough bread without iron, water, orange juice and carrot juice. No gelatin means no capsule supplements. I typically take two different kinds of iron twice a day, one of which is a capsule, both of which are out. My thyroid medication, my mood supplements (Seretone and DL-phenylalanine) are out, blood sugar balance meds are out as are a number of other things.

That means that I have to take care to eat enough and often enough.

Water is often specified because there are some treatments for which you cannot drink anything but distilled water, treatments like heavy metals toxicity.

I'm really badly anemic and have struggled to deal with that especially since the thyroid stuff got bad. It has gotten better and better, but last month I spent 2 days curled up around a heating pad because of the pain and anemia.

Anemia for me feels like weakness, muscle pain, exhaustion, overwhelm, confusion, difficulty making decision, abdominal weakness/cramping. Usually I feel it in my belly and the tops of my thighs. It feels like my life force is draining out of me.

I felt fine during the treatment, but as usual I could feel the energy moving in my body. I'm really sensitive to that movement and so I give her a lot of feedback when she's working on me and sometimes we "chase" pain or feelings or sensation.

I usually get food cravings during a treatment and I often get food cravings once a treatment is complete. Today was no exception. I immediately got a craving for an In N Out double double and that let me know it was working.

On my drive home I started getting sensations. It felt like I was re-visintg many body pains I've had over time in very light ways. An elbow pain, a tummy pain, leg aches, then fuzzy headedness and confusion. Nothing overwhelming, but the sensations have been on and off all day.

I'm also really hungry. Really, really hungry. Because my diet is so limited Im basically eating potatoes, cauliflower and chicken. Even eating as much as I want hasn't helped much. I have found that if I'm not eating any grains (and I don't have rice without iron or the bread) I'm hungry all the time until I learn to eat enough veggies, carry the right snacks and nuts and stuff. So I'm just going to be a bit hungry.

I am finding that already I have more energy than I've had recently, but only after having a sluggish afternoon.

Typically night time is fine and I don't expect any issues.

Tomorrow I'll be headed off with Kiddo to dog sit for a friend, so I might not be able to write much more until I return.

I'm supposed to stay off of all of this for 25 hours. Or until tomorrow at about 1pm. I try to stay off of stuff as long as possible. But since I'm going to bleed in about 2 days, I can't stay off of iron for very long or next week will suck rocks through a straw.

Sometimes I can feel when it's time to end the treatment, there's a shifting of energy that tells me that it's done. The heaviness and movement sort of dissipate. I'm told most people don't' notice anything.
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I am very anemic. Very, very, very. She double my daily dose of liquid iron supplement for the foreseeable future.

I was curious about why not iodine and what I get is that iodine helps detox and now that I'm all detoxed we have to build up the amount of thyroid hormones to get it working again. So no iodine for now.

It also means that I have to deal more directly with the symptoms of thyroid stuff that were being masked by iodine and other things. Right now it seems like those symptoms are anemia related primarily: exhaustion, inability to maintain body-tempreature and dress for the weather, memory and foggy headedness and constant low-level abdominal cramping/pain (mostly in the morning when I haven't taken the iron in awhile).

So I'm tired. It's been better the last few days and worse today. It seems that skipping 2 doses of iron and having a big day yesterday is too many things.

She tools me off of one of the kidney support supplements (the last one!). It seems that eating much less sugar and taking the other stuff and eating lots better consistently means that my kidneys are having an easier time of it. That is very good news. We'll see how it is come bleeding time. I didn't have any nightmares last time before PMS, just one vivid dreams (about zombies).

What else?

I need to really rest more and she doesn't know for how much longer. So I am thinking I need to be home about 5 nights a week. I think if I'd really been being home 4 nights a week, that could work as well.

On an unrelated note, I discovered the joys of downloading music in iTunes for my iPod. I'm hoping this is not yet another way of wasting money. But then I haven't bought new music in a very long time (probably 4 CDs in 6 years or there a bouts).


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