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The nature of the game is changing. Do you know which game I'm referring to? I mean the one that everyone's playing but no one's acknowledging they're playing. The rules of the game had held steady for quite some time, but recently they began to shift. Now even the game's rewards are in the process of metamorphosing. My
advice? You don't necessarily need to splash a big dose of raw candor all over the place, but I do recommend that you at least tell yourself the truth about what's going on.

Funny. I was just doing some writing uncovering pieces of what's going on with me about relationships and volunteerism. This guys is such an amazing astrologer.


Oct. 19th, 2010 01:47 pm
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These are so awesome lately. I know no one else gives a crap about *my* horoscope. Too bad. It's my journal.

I mean thank you for your patience.

At this phase of my life, I'm not canvassing
door-to-door asking people to donate money to save old growth forests.
I'm not a member of groups fighting for an end to the war in Afghanistan
or agitating in behalf of animal rights. My struggle for social and
environmental justice is waged primarily through the power of my writing.
I subscribe to the attitude of author Ingrid Bengis, who said, "Words are a
form of action, capable of influencing change." In the coming weeks, I
suggest you increase your awareness of how you could transform your
world with the power of your language. Is it possible to increase your
clout through the way you communicate?
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VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "The art of medicine consists of amusing the
patient while nature cures the disease," said French philosopher Voltaire.
With this in mind, let's evaluate your current discomfort. From what I can
tell, healing forces beyond your control and outside of your awareness are
going to be working their mojo to chip away at your problem. But it will
still be wise for you to occupy yourself in activities that you think will
expedite the fix. Doing so will minimize your anxieties, allowing nature to
do what it does best.
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I'm not saying that you should create a superhero identity for yourself and embark on a campaign to combat injustice. But if you've ever wondered whether the life of a costumed crusader is right for you, it's an excellent time to experiment. Your courage will be expanding in the coming weeks. Your craving for adventure will be strong, too. Even more importantly, your hunger to do good deeds that reach beyond your own self-interest will be growing. Interested? Check out the Superhero Supply website to get yourself operational. It's < href="http://www.superherosupplies.com/">here.
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"The Great Wall of China is the largest human construction in the world, stretching for almost 3,900 miles. But contrary to legend, it is not visible from the moon. According to most astronauts, the Wall isn't even visible from low Earth orbit. Keep this in mind as you carry out your assignment in the coming week, Virgo. First, imagine that your biggest obstacle is the size of the Great Wall of China. Second, imagine yourself soaring so high above it, so thoroughly beyond it, that it disappears. If performed regularly, I think this exercise will give you a new power to deal with your own personal Great Wall of China. "

From http://freewillastrology.com/horoscopes/virgo.html

That's such a great idea!


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