Jun. 27th, 2017

Body love

Jun. 27th, 2017 09:48 am
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Body Love: Body stuff is hard. As one of my amazing friends said yesterday: "I cringe at the users who celebrate fat loss as though it's a moral imperative, but I also understand that the culture we swim in is toxic about body image. Every person who unconsciously associates their body changes to being a 'better' person, is buying into that toxicity, consciously or not."

Body love for me is being free of harm, free of judgement and free of other's looks, words and actions. It would make my life easier if I didn't have to pretend to be ok with what people say about my body or their body.

It would make food easier if I could really eat what I want without inter or external judgement.

Food is hard.
Body stuff is hard.

Just please stop being asshats about weight and conflating weight and health or weight and being a good person.
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So the recipe is...

*1 part beeswax (which for me was 1/2 cup)
*3 parts calendula essential oil (grapeseed oil base) (in this case 1.5 c)
*30-40 drops lavender essential oil (which is very strong)
***1/8 part St. John's Wort herbal oil (from Gathering Thyme)
***Arnica herbal oil (1/8c maybe - this one was also in the last recipe, but not in the notes for some reason and this time I made my own again in grapeseed oil)
SUBBed for 1/4 c straight grapeseed oil because bad planning.
*1.5 part avocado butter (1/2 c)
*10 drops Frankincense essential oil (YL)
*10 drop roman chamomile

That's what we did this time. It's a bit flexi sometimes because of what's on hand.


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