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Saturday will be 8 weeks of the new regimen. I am taking a kind of break from it today and tomorrow because of the NAET treatment.

I'm sleeping about 9-10 hours a night.

I am slowing having more motivation. I did several difficult things today that were about clearing out old energy from relationships that I have allowed to sit and stagnate (meaning I haven't spoken my truth so I've done the Avoidance Dance). So far that has gone well.

The last couple of days there has been a lot of sweets in the house and with cake on the counter I seem to walk by and have a bit. It's really clear that if I'm going to keep sweets in the house that they cannot sit on the counters or they will be my first line of defense against hunger.

I can have good food habits, I just need to make sure those are the accessible things.

I've decided it's ok to eat frozen food and so my freezer has been full of things that I can eat that are at least marginally good for me (asparagus risotto, stir fry veggies, chicken pot pie), that I can just take out and cook in a few minutes and shove in my face when my blood sugar is crashing. This is a successful strategy.

I'm eating eggs for breakfast nearly every day and given up yogurt for breakfast. It's not bad for me exactly, I ass nuts and stuff to it, but it's sweetened and the more I just stay away from sugar all together, the better off I am.

Now the issue isn't so much mood, though I notice I still get grumpy on too much sugar, it's that I can feel it in my body. It makes my tummy unhappy and can make me feel light headed. Not overwhelming, but subtle. And what I know is if I don't stop when I feel that I will feel worse.

The fact that I'm feeling into sublet around food is huge. I still want to add lots more veggies, but eating 4 times a day has been the goal and I'm getting there. It happens often, but not everyday and I need to eat first thing in the morning and nor more than an hour before sleeping so that I don't crash out in the night.

And the supplement that I have been taking for that is working really well. Someday ever I could occasionally go 4 hours without eating and not want to throw up. I am still using chocolate milk sometimes. (Have I talked about that? I have 2 foods that I can eat when I'm so lightheaded and sick that I can't eat real food: yogurt and chocolate milk. My body won't accept much else. Interestingly enough they are both liquid and contain protein and sugar, so not terrible choices. Liquid means immediately digestible and the other stuff is what what I should be eating anyway.)

I know I'm not tracking all that often, but I'm talking about it and that's a good thing.


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