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I've been looking for a hat for park days for, well since we started homeschooling nearly 2 years ago. Yesterday I think I found one.

It's straw, very small blue and white stripes and a bit floppy. It's lovely and makes me want to go to a garden party.

Since getting rid of so much stuff, I've been finding that the things that I do want to buy are the right things, one at a time.

This might sounds weird, but it feels like it's part of the healing process. I did not buy the other hat which was pretty and but I didn't know what I'd wear it with. It was wool (which I'd vastly prefer in many ways) and looks very 1940's and had a brim that turned up on one side and a flower on the other. So. Cute. But when will I wear it?

It used to be that I'd buy things that i liked or take home things I liked whether they'd work in my life or not. But that seems to have slowed if not stopped all together. I don't know if that's discernment or just again the ability to hold things and ideas and have my own limits and boundaries.

But I like my hat.


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