Apr. 22nd, 2017

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People talk about this a lot in personal growth circles.

It's definitely a thing to pay attention to: all growth happens in discomfort.

Don't believe me? Try this exercise.

Grab a sheet of paper and make a list of things that were once hard and are now easy.

Start from the time you were young and move forward. It might look like this:

It was once hard to walk, but now it's easy
It was once hard to read, but now it's easy and I do it all day long
It was once hard to dance but I mastered it
I was once scared to drive a car and now I drive daily
I was once scared of sex and now I love it!

And if you notice... all these things are thing I was scared about or had to practice and learn in order to have a thing.

When we were young we knew that we didn't know stuff and people told us we didn't know stuff. Then some how we grew up, got jobs, or started businesses and thought, "I already know that."

That is the trap.

When I can open to the possibility that I don't know it, but that I can learn it, all kinds of things open up for me.


Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:38 am
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Thursday night I watched Frank Warren of Post Secret do a presentation (and then I met him - that was super fun!)

It was all about secrets

He talked about secrets being the current of intimacy.

That really struck me.

It had me think about relationship and about how I want to tell him all the things. It had me think about my mom and my family and who I want to be closer to and how I can share things and hear their sharing in order to create intimacy.

"There are the secrets we keep from others and the secrets we keep from ourselves." Frank Warren

I have more thinking to do about secrets for sure!


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