Oct. 25th, 2012

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The new scale came from Brambleberry.com. I also have tubes for massage bars and itch cream. So excited! So, so so excited!

I so love these projects!
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So, Tomorrow will be 2 months since thyroid meds. How is it?

I feel better.
My emotions don't get the best of me.
The remnants of anxiety are gone. Not that I never get anxious, but it's clear to me that the anxiety was food related and not getting enough nutrients.
I have a ton more energy.
I went from sleeping 12 hours a night to about 8 hours a night.
I have made many things
I have actually worked on labels for all the things.
I am doing healing work again.
I am formalizing my curriculum
I am helping. I have energy for really helping other people.
Food is way easier. I can eat more variety of things.
I worry less about making sure I get enough (on so many levels).
I eat when I'm hungry. I actually get hungry every day, at least 3 times a day, usually 4.
Right on schedule.
Did I mention I get hungry every day?
I am able to make choices about food before I'm starving; I'm rarely starving. For anything.
I feel loved and appreciated and valued.
Even when there is stress, I'm able to bounce back from it or move forward. I worry, but not overly.
I get shit done!
I'm better with Kiddo and his wanting my attention. We have been working on more projects together.

I am still having some adrenal symptoms, but they are manageable and not actually that bad unless I skip the Cortrex. I've started taking eleuthero tincture as well. And to help with sleep sometimes I'm taking a Rescue Remedy sleep aid. Homeopathic, but it worked like a charm at the workshop. It reset my internal clock to wake up at about dawn.

I'm incredibly grateful for the medication. I am less and less angry that I didn't get it sooner.


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